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I'm the owner of eatingcookieswithgomez and this tumblr is to ask me anything do you want.
let's go, ask me!  making cookies.
por qué este tumblr es para solo preguntar? .-.

porque no quiero poner mi tumblr lleno de spam de preguntas.

your blog is flawless <3 i fangirled when you followed me asdfghjkl <3

haha ohhh you’re so sweet! thank you so much <3

Hey :) I just followed this blog . I also follow your other blog :D wanna check out my blog?? xxImane

thanks and I did it :)

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hello sweet! would you mind checking my blog? :)

I did it, I love your blog <3

mr-lovato asked:
AWN thanks for following ! Check my celebrity blog out ? its ohmy-celebrities ! Thanks, I hope you like it ! <3

no problem and you have a beautiful blog! :)

Hey! I'm brazilian, Smiler. I saw this tumblr dedicated to selena, and is pretty perfect! following here (I came here because of falenforcyrus, so the biggest part os smilers following you, if because of her, 'cause she had put your tumblr indicating it), xoxo, Valentina, Rio de Janeiro

thank you so much :)

hola Maicka, soy Azu, quería pedirte una ayuda, necesito uan action o psd que haga las fotos bien rositas, ¿tenes'? quiero que una foto sea así y no encuentro. graaaaacias :)

mira en mi sección de actions de mi deviantart.

I love this blog!!

asdfghjkl thank you :3

tumblrbot asked:

Rome, but I visited and now I want London asdfghjkl.